PRC / PEC /District Court

PRC    PEC    District Court

Public Regulation Commissioner

PRC districts in Central NM
Member of five-person commission that regulates the utilities, telecommunications and motor carrier industries. Also oversees pipeline and fire safety. Must be a citizen of the United States and reside in the district he/she represents. Must also certify that he/she has at least ten years of specified professional experience or combined professional experience and education in an area regulated by the commission. Elected by district. Four-year staggered term. Districts 2, 4, and 5 are up for election this year. Salary: $90,000.

District 4

Theresa A. Becenti-Aguilar


Public Education Commissioner

Public Education Commission Districts
Member of ten-person commission that is advisory to the Secretary of Education. Commission authorizes and monitors all state-chartered charter schools. Must be 18 years of age, a United States citizen, and reside in the district he/she represents. Four-year staggered terms. Districts 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 are up for election this year. $95 per diem plus mileage.

District 6

Michael M Chavez


District Court Judge – Partisan

MM Judicial Districts
There are thirteen district court districts in New Mexico. These courts hold jury trials in these types of cases: contract, real property rights and estate contests and torts. District courts generally have exclusive jurisdiction over appeals concerning domestic relations, mental health, administrative agencies, lower courts decisions, criminal cases and juvenile jurisdiction. The 2nd Judicial
District (Bernalillo County) only deals with felony DWI cases and felony domestic violence cases.

Vacancies for courts in New Mexico are filled through gubernatorial appointment from a slate of potential nominees submitted by a judicial nominating committee. The newly-appointed judge must then run in a contested, partisan election at the next general election. Thereafter, the judge runs in nonpartisan retention elections. To be retained, a judge must receive at least 57% in affirmative votes cast in the retention election.

Six-year term. Must be at least thirty-five years old, have been engaged in actual practice of law for at least six years preceding assumption of office, and must be a resident of the district from which elected. Salary: $126,186 annually.

Second Judicial District (Bernalillo County)
Division 25

Jane C Levy